Essential Claps & Snares

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Essential Sounds presents Essential Claps & Snares!


This pack is slammed full of top-notch clap and snare one-shots aimed at all genres of music, especially modern EDM.

The categories of one-shots include Analog, Digital, Essential, Layered, FX, and Reverse.

Each category brings a unique flavor to your sound palette!

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FX, Verb Clap, Snare Roll, and Snare rhythm loops are also included (and so are some MIDI files)!

The Verb Claps will help you get that perfect reverb sound for your Big Room and Festival style productions.

The Snare Rolls and FX loops will speed up the intricate process of creating intense build-up sections.

And the snare rhythms will add some spice to your rhythms in any genre.

Lastly, the synthesized snare patches for Sylenth, Massive, and MicroTonic were created as a learning experience for anyone new to drum synthesis or as a jumping off point for pro-synthesists.


103 Layered Claps & Snares
69 Essential Claps & Snares
39 Analog Claps & Snares
52 Digital Snares
21 Unique Reverses
38 FX
31 Loops
15 MIDI Files
17 Bonus Synth Patches for MicroTonic, Massive, and Sylenth
Total File Count: 385

About Us

Essential Sounds sample packs are all about bringing you what you need at the best price and in the best quality, without filler or fluff.

Our demos don’t overhype or cover up the content, either.

We present you with what you’re purchasing.

The kicks used in the demo are from Essential EDM Kicks. Most of the FX are from this product, but any others are available in the Essential SFX 2.

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Total File Count: 385

129 MB
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Essential Claps & Snares

0 ratings
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